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About the Show

I'm host, Erin Gerner. I help women leverage their unique superpowers and win faster! This podcast serves as your access to other powerhouse attorneys and coaches that have leveled up their life and made the practice of law work for them. Each week, I give you a seat at the table with women who are here to show you what is possible.

Each episode is jam packed with tips and advice, interviews with other powerhouse lawyers, all with the goal of dispelling the toxic narratives that are keeping women feeling stuck and overwhelmed trying to do it all. 

I am not only an attorney, but a coach to women lawyers, a South Carolina native, mom, wife and entrepreneur. That suffocating feeling of being overwhelmed hits home for me all too well. But there is a better way. Every day doesn’t have to feel like the race of your life with pit stops for another trenti cup of coffee. Lawyers work to help people every day. But we can’t do that if we are always putting ourselves last on our own to do lists.

Alright love, I can’t wait for you to hear what I’ve got in store for you on this podcast. Straighten your crown queen. You just got inducted into the best girl gang you could imagine. Welcome to Powerhouse Lawyers!

Xo, Erin

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What You'll Hear on the Podcast

Interviews with Top Lawyers & Coaches

Get the inside scoop on how people in our profession made life as an attorney work for them! Trips down memory lane. Horror stories about passing the bar. Even sharing details of the wins and BIG losses of our careers.

Growing in your Practice

Confidence is key! But, it shouldn't be the only sharp tool in your toolbox. Listen for all of the tangible tips you can use to build the practice of your dreams! Billing in an ethical way, a morning routine that works for YOU, or building client rapport faster. Tune in!

Inspiration to Curate

your Life

Remember when we were asked about our role models as children? Well, what if your role model could sit down with you for an hour a week and help you manufactor and build the blueprint for your life?

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