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Hi, I’m Erin!

After spending years building my legal career and a family, I woke up to realize the life I built was also the one I dreaded. 

As a young mom to a toddler who saw the nanny more than she saw me, I was burnt out, unhappy, and suffering from chronic anxiety. I also felt like I had lost my sense of purpose and passion. 

Each day I came into work feeling defeated, taken advantage of, unsupported, and expendable.

I was forced to answer some hard questions

What am I doing this for? 

Why am I leaving my daughter every day for THIS LIFE?

These questions were in direct conflict with everything I had been taught about becoming a “good lawyer” like:

“If you are not suffering, you are not working hard enough.”

I eventually made the huge decision to walk away from the practice of law. I knew it was in the best interest of my family, but I still allowed it to mean something about me. I felt ashamed and guilty, like a failure and a quitter. 

Again,  I was forced to answer some hard questions.

Who was I outside of being a lawyer? 

What did I truly want out of life?

What made me happy? 

For the last 10 years, I have been on my own self-discovery journey, educating myself and am here today to share something you deserve to know:
The secret to success is not what you have been told all along. 

It’s more than working the most billable hours, more than burnout, more than feeling constantly overwhelmed and overworked. 

There is a better way. One that puts YOU first every day by empowering you to form the nonnegotiable laws of your life. 

You are worthy, deserving, and capable of a life and career that leaves you feeling happy, fulfilled and successful. 
The first step I took on my self-discovery journey was actually to get out of my head and into community! I needed to find examples of what it looks like to live life on purpose and on my terms. Thus, the Powerhouse Lawyers community was born!

I invite you to take advantage of the permission slip I wish someone had offered to me during my years of practice, get clear on your purpose, and begin building a life you can’t wait to wake up for.