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3 Mindset Shifts that Have Helped My Family Thrive in a Year of Massive Change

I turned 43 in April. 

(And let me tell you, 40 is when you’re just hitting your prime! 😉)

Looking back on the last year, our family has experienced massive change. I’m talking let’s-do-a-complete-overhaul-of-our-lives kind of change. 


After nearly 15 years in Dallas, 

We put a “For Sale” sign in front of the house we’ve lived in since we were newlyweds. 

We left everything familiar to move to a brand new house in a brand new town. 

My kids started going to a new school where they had to make all new friends. 


To be honest with you, in the past, this kind of change would’ve made us completely crumble. 

But in this season, it’s been the exact opposite. Even though there’s been crazy change, all of us are thriving beyond my wildest expectations. 


Why is that?

I’m chalking it up to 3 major mindset shifts I’ve made in the last few years.

(It’s taken me years of work to get here, but I’m hoping to shortcut the process for you). 


Here are 3 mindset shifts that have helped me thrive in a year of massive change:


1. The past is only there for me to glance back to learn. 

Every birthday, new year, and major holiday, I used to look back and ask, “Where did I think I would be this time last year? What were my goals?”

Then I would go over every single thing I wasn’t doing and feel miserable!!

I finally shifted from “Look what I should be doing” to “Look where I am.” 


Instead of looking back on just the last year, I’ve started to back things up even further. I look at the last 3-5 years, and focus on how far I’ve come. Then it becomes abundantly clear that I have nothing to complain about. I only have gratitude. 


2. Get comfortable in the uncomfortable. 

My life did a complete 180 degree turn this year. I’ve been more uncomfortable in the last year than probably ever, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. 

I know, deep down to my core, that I’ve stepped into my God-given purpose by coaching females in the law and helping them become the best version of themselves. 

But in order to do that, I had to step out of my comfort zone and release the “how.” I had to trust that if I kept taking steps, the “how” would work itself out, and it has. 

Our comfort zone is called that for a reason. It’s real comfy to be there!! But if you’re living in your comfort zone, you’re not growing. You’re not stretching yourself to see what’s possible. 


Grit is built in the uncomfortableness. Embrace it. 


Don’t judge it. 

Don’t hide from it. 

Don’t run from it. 

The breakthrough on the other side of the uncomfortable is beyond anything you can imagine. 


3. It’s okay to change.

I am a recovering perfectionist and people-pleaser. It’s something I still coach myself through regularly. I spent the majority of my adulthood telling myself the lie that it was not okay to change.


Or walk away from the law. 

Or make my family a priority. 

Or take a non-traditional path. 


All of those things were somehow not okay

Why? Because I was trying to live up to other people’s expectations instead of trusting that I knew where I was going, and I had the abilities and gifts I needed to get me there.

Here’s the truth: Life is all about pivots. It’s okay to change your mind. It’s okay to change your job, routine, or your perspective. It’s okay to want something different. 


So those are the 3 lessons I wanted to leave you with today: the past is only to look back and learn, grit is built in the uncomfortableness, and it’s okay to change. 


My powerhouse friend, whatever life looks like for you right now, you can thrive. 

If you have a fellow sister in the law who needs this, share this blogpost with her! By doing so, you’re letting her know she’s not alone. 


See you next time! 


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