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6 Powerful Truths I’m Taking into 2024

There is so much noise in this world.

It’s so easy to get distracted by all the people telling you about the next shiny object you need to build your business successfully. 

In my opinion, most if it’s false

What will build your business successfully is being obedient to the purpose God has for your life. 


AND being in a room with women who feel the same way. 


A month ago, I got to be in that room. 

Now, I’ve been to A LOT of conferences (and a lot of bad conferences…) so I had no idea what to expect for the Live Out Loud Event hosted by female entrepreneur, Brooke Thomas. 

(BUT I did know it was in Newport Beach, California, and I mean, it’s hard to be sad about that.)

This was a Christian-based event, so I was in a room packed with Jesus-loving business builders who were all building kingdom businesses. 

Early on, one of the women at the conference told me, “Erin, this is kind of like a version of heaven, where there are all of these amazing women all together, and there's plenty of room at the table.”

(Anyone else been wanting that?!)

Now that I’ve spent 5 days there, I have to agree, it really was that transformational. 

I don’t want to keep all the transformation to myself. I want to let you guys in on it too, which is why…


I’m sharing my 6 biggest takeaways I’m carrying with me in my business in 2024:

(There were so many takeaways from the conference, but these are the ones that keep coming back to me.)


Find a community of people you want to do life and business with. 


Building a business is lonely. You have to be all the things: the head of marketing, the receptionist, the CEO… all of it. You need other people who resonate with that and understand what you’re trying to build. You need people who are going where you want to go. 

This takes intentionality. So many of us are waiting for our business besties to come knock on our door and say, “Let’s collaborate and grow together. This is going to be so amazing and easy.” But you have to go seek those relationships out. You need relationships that will call you higher, but you have to go after them. 


Don’t ignore the pebbles in your life, because they will grow. 


Don’t ignore the signs in your life. Become more aware of the little things that aren’t working. Get quiet and listen to your thoughts. Trust your intuition. Pay attention to what it’s saying. 

Sometimes we think that if we just fix a few things, move a few things around, those nagging feelings will go away, but they don’t. Those pebbles create a ripple effect. If we don’t pay attention, a big life boulder is going to come and knock us out. Take care of them while they’re just pebbles. 


Your time is now.


Don’t wait. You already have every single thing inside of you that you need to succeed. Everyone is out there waiting on you to show up. 

If you have something on your heart - a business, a plan, a change, a relationship, a job, I don't care what it is - it's time. It's time to stop waiting and to start acting. If not you, who? And if not now, then when? 

Don’t wait around for X to happen. It may never happen. Today, right now, is the only day that you have promised. Make it count. 


Change your relationship with rejection. 


There have been so many things in my life that I’ve viewed as rejection, when in fact, it was really God's protection. It was God's way of protecting my gifts because He knew it wasn’t time for them to shine yet. 

I'm not a practicing lawyer in a courtroom, but that doesn't mean I’m not walking in my calling. My calling from God is to impact, empower and teach. That can be as a lawyer, a coach, or a lot of different things. 

Things may not look the way you thought they would back in law school. That’s OKAY. You still have a call to impact people’s lives for the better in some way, shape, or form. 


Get radically honest about the season of life you’re in. 


We spend so much time getting distracted and blaming other things. “I’m too busy, my life is a mess, etc.” 

We gotta quit romanticizing another season, and start being accountable and accepting the season we’re in. Even if our season is not exactly rainbows and sunshine, we can still show up and win. We can still move forward. 


Stop bashing past versions of yourself. 


I could so easily look back at the different versions of myself and say, “You were so dumb to do that.” I could bash myself for past mistakes based on what I know now. You could do the same thing. 


Instead, every single thing that you want to look back and roll your eyes on, realize that is the fabric of what makes you the badass you are today. Without all of those things, you wouldn’t be here. 

These 6 takeaways are the fundamental tools I’ll be carrying with me into 2024 as I grow and build. It’s not always easy to wake up and be uncomfortable, but I’m willing to do that. I’m willing to try, fail, and try again because I know that my purpose is greater than me. 

My powerhouse friend, keep going to the next level. Don’t stop. Make new goals. Set your sights on something new. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone, because that’s where growth happens. 


I hope this encourages you today!


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