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How to Find Your Community of Badass Female Lawyers

When I was still working in the law, I desperately wanted community. 

I wanted to sit in a room with other badass female lawyers, ask them questions, learn from them, and connect with them on a human level (not just a work level). 


But I couldn’t find it anywhere. 

When I finally decided to start my coaching business, I had to jump back into the legal community after being absent for several years. 

So I started going to networking events, meeting as many female lawyers as I could, having conversations, and hearing their stories. 


Over and over, I would think: 

Why are these women not all together in one place?

Could you imagine what would happen if we brought all of this badassery together and just let them go?


Then last February, I had a dream. 

(Now I’m not like a big woo woo person, but I have a very strong relationship with God, and I think He puts things in dreams sometimes.) 

In my dream, I was sitting with a group of women on the beach. We were all doing things like yoga and taking time to meditate. Everyone had white shirts on with pink writing. Behind us, there was this big, beautiful beach house. 


And I could tell these women were my community. 


I didn’t know what we were all doing there, but I could tell they were there with me. 

Through a series of conversations with a friend that week, I realized, “We need to do this. We need to bring all these powerhouse women together.” 

So finally, I just booked an AirBNB. I fronted the money and said, “I’m filling it with 8 lawyers. That’s it.” 

My husband thought I'd lost my mind, mostly because I didn’t even have a full three months to plan. 

(Anyone who’s planned retreats knows, you definitely need more than three months.)


But I took a risk, eight women showed up, and it was absolute magic

I knew I had hit on something so special, not only because of the growth, transformation, and bonding I saw happen in the room, but also in myself. 

Round 2 was no different. We went to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, and that dream that I had earlier this year… it literally came true

We were sitting on the beach doing yoga, in front of the beach house, in white t-shirts with my pink powerhouse lawyers logo on them. 

Even though we had a different group of women, the magic was still the same.


I believe every single woman in law deserves an experience like this one. 


As busy female lawyers, the first thing that goes to the wayside are our relationships

We stop grabbing coffee with people. Our schedule gets so packed, we barely make it to the carpool line, let alone dinner with someone. We stop nurturing the friendships in our lives. 


But that doesn’t change our deep need to connect, collaborate, share ideas with other women like us. 

If you’re reading this and you KNOW you need community…

If you’ve been wondering where your people are…

People who understand the ins and outs of life in the law…


I seriously got you. 

February 28th through March 3rd in Scottsdale, Arizona, we're hosting another retreat, and you need to be there


It’s gonna be the PERFECT way to start 2024. 

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I can’t wait to see you there. 


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