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The Powerhouse Lawyers Retreat is a LIVE multiday event that will have you leaving with a sense of PURPOSE, CONNECTION & COMMUNITY by hearing from High Profile Speakers to build your greatest year yet.

Next retreat Fall 2024

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This is an intimate, intentional retreat designed to take you out of your everyday life.

Meet like-minded women in the law, learn from other's expertise, and grow your business through real connectionsPrevious retreat attendees call this community "lightning in a bottle." This retreat is designed to give you the opportunity to be encouraged, guided, and supported in your goals for your business, as well as give you the chance to connect with experts who can help your business flourish. 

If you have previously attended one of my events, you know how powerful the experience is

Walk away refreshed, action plan in place and realigned in your purpose with the law.

"I was so tired I had just had enough. A nanny was raising my baby. I went home one day, Merrian wanted her not me to put her to bed. I'm not doing this. This is not the person I want to be. I don't like this, I don't love this my heart isn't here. So I just walked away."

This is not what it is about. That's why we have Powerhouse Lawyers. This is why you need to be here.

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Are You READY to link arms with other POWERHOUSES? 

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I have conversations with women just like yourself everyday...


This is for YOU if:

  • You are tired of the overwhelm
  • You know there is purpose to community
  • You are ready to grow and want more for your life
  • You want encouragement and action steps to take home with you


 I get it. I've been there... 

The life of your dreams is sitting on the other side of the laptop you are looking at right now..

"But Erin, I've never done anything like this. It sounds amazing though."

Let me tell you, when you let yourself do the hard things, it will change your life. I mean I am not going to sit here and just tell you everything you want to hear to talk yourself out of this. Why? I've been you. And I want better for you. 

Okay, I'm Coming

The Powerhouse inside you is here

I cannot wait to walk alongside you as you become the empowered version of yourself. As so many others have said that they have walked away with a community that they can lean on and do life with.

That starts with your decision today. The growth and impact that can happen in a short amount of time is something you just have to be here to experience.

I Have to Be Here

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