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Powerhouse VIP Sessions are created for the woman looking to do a 180 degree change in the way she does life and law!

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VIP Sessions are for the "now or never" kind of woman. 


You're a task master--you get sh*t done! You're the kind of woman that when you have a plan, you stick to it. Even if the plan is proving not to be the right one! I know, because I am you!

Sometimes all you need is someone to hand you the mascara after you've bawled your eyes out. Then look at you to say, "let's do this."

“Not only is Erin incredibly bright and analytical, but she’s extremely generous with her acquired knowledge and experience as a former attorney, a coach, a mom and an entrepreneur."

The Powerhouse VIP Session 


A 2-Hour Deep Dive
Get answers to your burning questions and have a thought partner that knows what it looks like to juggle being lawyer, mom, wife, and woman. We create a detailed roadmap to your desired future, together. We'll tackle the biggest challenges you're facing and set you on a path to success.

Life Audit Review
I take you through a Life Audit exercise to help you understand where you are versus where you want to be. This powerful tool will give you a clear picture of your current life and career, highlighting areas for growth and improvement.

Brain Dump Journal
Keep the overwhelm at bay. You get the Powerhouse Brain Dump journal to help you clear your mind and organize your thoughts. This journal is a game-changer for managing your ideas and staying focused.

30 Days of Voxer Message Contact
Get 30 days of post-session support through Voxer messaging. Ask questions, seek advice, and get a victory dance as you win and implement the strategies we've discussed.

Access to the Community Connector Group
Join our Community Connector Group, where you'll be put in touch with other professional women who have the specific skills you need. Get support moving away from the billable hour, techniques for networking, or advice on professional wardrobes that keep your style at the forefront. This is your chance to build a powerful network that actually supports your growth!


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