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Ep 002| Are you playing small?| Powerhouse Lawyers

Are you ready for a hard truth? Do you want to know the biggest thing holding you back from the life and career that you want and KNOW you deserve? You. Not just you, but specifically the not-so badass behavior of playing small that you keep taking on.

Who told you, you had to squeeze your personality, your gifts, your talents into the little boxes that the world gives you? For me, every time I opened my mouth to share my story or raised my hand to be tagged in for a major case with my team, I’d hear the little girl in me reminding me to quiet down. Being originally from the South, women are often expected to be quiet, play nice, stay pretty and neat. We’re trained to make things as easy as possible for those around us. Even if making things easy means we have to swallow our excitement or even our pain. 

I’m here to remind you that you deserve to show up as your 100% authentic self. In fact, it is your responsibility to do so. There are women behind you (and even women that have come before you) that are looking to be shown the way. We are all looking for inspiration and courage to speak up, be loud, be funny, to be seen! 

In our last podcast episode, I talked about being a girl’s girl. Here’s another example of what that looks like. Getting up everyday and reminding the world that you are here… unapologetically, at that! That you’re willing and ready to make big leaps into who you are. One of the easiest ways to feel empowered to show up 100% as yourself is to create a community for others to do the same.

I did that a couple of weeks ago with my very first retreat! 8 women showed up in Texas Hill Country to meet in one house – seeking rest, relaxation, and COMMUNITY. The biggest gift that a community can give is the opportunity to be seen fully. When I looked around the room full of women that took a chance on themselves--to carve out time for themselves, I saw women being and breathing in their truth. That’s hard to do! I’m so proud of them!

Life’s every day tasks can trick us into believing that we are showing up as 100% our best selves. But, if you’ve ever thought that you were being too loud, or too smart, or too funny, or too assertive… guess what, babe? You too have been playing small. We, your community, need you to stop. We need you to show up fully. Especially as a woman in law! Our industry can be cutthroat. Being a lawyer can feel like a “winner takes all” environment. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is space for everyone. Stand in yours!

There is MAGIC in creating a community with like-minded people. Join the Powerhouse Lawyers community or create your own. Either way you do it, choose to take up space and play big, girl! We need you.

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