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Welcome to Powerhouse Lawyers!

Have you heard of the idea of being a girl's girl? Showing up for the women around you. Protecting the women around you. Most importantly, empowering the women around you to show up and develop into their full potential. 

Powerhouse Lawyers, the podcast, is all about being a girl’s girl in law. Me, your host, Erin Gerner gives you the blueprint for what it looks like for women empowering women to win and win faster! 

This podcast serves as your access to other attorneys and coaches that have leveled up their life. They have made the practice of law work for them. I’m giving you a seat at the table with different people from all walks of life, to show you what’s possible.

But first, let’s get you prepared for what you’re about to experience in the coming weeks. Transforming your life takes big and sometimes messy action. But I’m right here with you! Answer some of these questions below. You’ll need to take a moment to dream for yourself and your family to be able to capture an image of what exactly you’re working towards. 

  • What are your values?
  • What do you actually want? 
  • Who are you outside of being an attorney? 
  • What are you passionate about? 
  • What do you want your life to look like in 6 months? How about a year?

These are critical questions to have a clear answer to. But it’s not all going to come to you at once. So make time to really dream up your life. You’re allowed to dream big for yourself, girl! Grab a glass of wine or cup of hot tea and use this as your self care time. 

The next several episodes are guaranteed to open up a can of possibilities for you. But you have got to be ready to seize the moment. 

If you want a little extra help or if making time to dream seems impossible, let's start with eliminating some of the overwhelm that you’re experiencing from day to day. Grab your guide to eliminating overwhelm here.

This guide takes you through what I did and what my coaching clients have done to completely turn their life around. I’m a mom, wife, coach, attorney, and entrepreneur. I GET feeling overwhelmed more than you will ever know. There’s a way to lessen that suffocating feeling though! Every day doesn’t have to feel like the race of your life with pit stops for another trenti cup of coffee. You are worthy and capable of building a life and career you love, but we can’t do that if we are always putting ourselves last on our own to do lists. 

Alright love, I can’t wait for you to hear what else I’ve got in store for you on this podcast. Straighten your crown Queen. You just got inducted into the best girl gang you could imagine. Welcome to Powerhouse Lawyers!

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